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Luginbuhl and its many variations

Note the variation spellings of “Lugibuhl” in this family. Two Lugibuhl brothers came to our community from Wayne County, Ohio, after arriving in America in 1825.

Their parents were Christian and Anna (Steiner) Lugibuhl. No record is available to reveal if the parents came over from Switzerland.

The brothers, Christian was 23 and John was 18, when they arrived in America.

Christian came to Allen County in 1834 and purchased 80 acres of wilderness where the David H. Burkholder farm was most recently located. He built a log house and then married Katharina Stauffer in 1837. They had seven children with Solomon, Emmanuel and John E., remaining in this area.

Christian was a weaver in addition to being a farmer. He wove with flax and hemp, which was used for clothing at that time, as well as for bed linens. This material was strong and durable. Shirt especially became more comfortable after long wear when the rawness had worn off.

Christian and his wife, Katharina, lived in the original log house until they died. When they died Christian was 74 and Katharina was 53. Both are buried in the Swiss Mennonite Cemetery between Bluffton and Pandora.

John also came to Allen County with Christian in 1834. He purchased the farm owned by John Augsburger along Riley Creek, thus he was known as “John Lugibuhl at the creek.” John married Katherina Stauffer (no relation to Christian's wife Katharina Stauffer) in 1834. The couple had six children of which three remained in this area. They were Christian, Emanuel P. and Elizabeth.

The families were prosperous and created a surplus of commodities including smoked ham, cattle hides and maple sugar.

They found a market for these commodities in Toledo. John and several neighbors got together and boated up the Blanchard River, where Riley Creek emptied, by building a raft of logs, stretching it with a protective covering and loading their goods for Toledo.

They also cut some suitable saplings to serve as oars and rudder. The commodities were in high demand and were sold at high prices.

With some food for the return trip, they set out for home on foot, with the knowledge that they had made a good business deal and were supplies with money to meet their needs for some time.

John died in 1882 at age 75. Katherina died in 1856 at age 36. No record is found of their burial, but possibly at the Swiss Mennonite Cemetery where Christian and Katharina are buried.

Christian Lugibuhl Born: 1802 in Switzerland Died: November 1876 Buried: Swiss Mennonite Cemetery, Bluffton His father: Christian Luginbuhl (spelling difference) His mother: Anna Steiner Parents’ marriage: 1837

Spouse: Katharina Stauffer Born: 1819 Died: 1872 Buried: Swiss Mennonite Cemetery Her father: David Stauffer (1769-1853) Her mother: Anna Berner Barnes (1778-1853)

Children Solomon Lugibuhl Born: Aug. 23, 1838, Richland Township Died: Dec. 7, 1916 Spouse: Elizabeth Amstutz

Rosina Lugibuhl Born: 1842

David Lugibuhl Born: 1844

Daniel Lugibuhl Born: 1846

Emmanuel Lugibuhl Born: March 25, 1849 Died: July 23, 1911 Spouse: Magdalene Conrad Spouse: Anne E. Drummer

Asneth Lugibuhl Born: 1851 Spouse: Jakob H. Conrad

John E. Lugibihl (spelling difference) Born: July 28, 1856 Died: Nov. 27, 1930 Spouse: Mary Schifferly

John Lugibuhl, at the creek Born: 1807, Mulhouse Alsace Loraine France Died: April 4, 1882 His father: Christian Luginbuhl (spelling difference) His mother: Anna Steiner Parents’ marriage: 1834 Spouse: Katherina Stauffer Born: Feb. 13, 1818 Died: May 10, 1856 Her father: John Stauffer (1787-1827) Her mother: Mary Marie Steiner (1794-1894)

Children: Christian Lugabill (spelling difference) Born Nov. 13, 1836, Richland Township Died May 2, 1922, Bluffton Spouse: Marie Hager Spouse: Verena Schaublin

Emanuel P. Lugibill (spelling difference) Born: Dec. 8, 1841, Richland Township Died: Jan 22, 1913, Bluffton Spouse: Elisabeth Amstutz

Elisabeth Lugibuhl Born: 1842 Died: July 31, 1872 Spouse: Nicholas Schaublin


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