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The snow storm of an earlier century

Will Triplett took his iconic winter Bluffton photograph

It's the snowstorm of an earlier century. This is South Main Street, Bluffton.

Will Triplett, photographer, took this photo just outside his residence. The house on the left appears to be 321 S. Main.

The photo was taken after Jan. 10, 1906, and shows that an interurban made it through the snow because the only cleared part of the street is the center and the rails are visible. The interurban was an electric-powered trolley that had tracks on Main Street.

Notice a hitching post on the left side of the street.

The two men walking on Main were certainly posed by Triplett. Notice how low the branches are near the ground, indicating the weight of the ice on the trees of this severe storm.

This is one of Triplett's most interesting photos for several reasons.

First, winter photos are rare during this photography era. The reason being that the camera was a large box, very bulky to move around.

Even with the winter conditions, Triplett thoughtfully used the rule of third, posing the two men on the extreme right side of the picture.

And, of course, he had to convince two models to walk outside for the photo shoot.

Add to this, as a commercial photographer, he took this photo with no one in mind to pay for it.



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