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There's still time to purchase school supplies

Including books, pencils, paper and slates

Despite the fact that the 2023-24 school year is already underway, there’s still a chance to obtain school supplies on Main Street. Just check this ad in The Bluffton News.

Andrew Hauenstein, dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils and varnishes also provides school supplies of all kinds.

These include:

• Books

• Slates

• Pencils

• Paper and

•&c (whatever that might be)

The only problem is that this advertisement was published in The News nearly 140 school years ago. It’s from the 1880s.

And, we’re not certain of the location of Mr. Hauenstein’s store. The ad states that the City Drug and Book Store is in the Post-Office building. We aren’t aware of that location.

Hauenstein’s Drug eventually was located on the corner of Cherry and Main, now the home of Twisted Whisk. However, this ad is so old, that the building at Cherry and Main was not yet built.

And, of course, we wonder how a student today might use the slate referred to in this ad.

1880s advertisement from The Bluffton News



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