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Three children of Johannes and Magdalena Amstutz Sommer

2nd in a 2 part series featuring these three children

This is the second part of a two-part series on the three children of Johannes and Magdalena Amstutz Sommer family who came to America.

Click here for the first part, which featured Abraham and his wife, Anna Gerber Sommer. The first part includes additional family background details. Note that there are spelling changes of some family member’s last names.

This column’s focus is on Jacob and Marianna Amstutz, and Jacob’s second wife, Lydia Amstutz. It is also focused on Marianna Sommer and her husband, Benedicht Leichty.

Jacob Sommer Born: Jan. 20, 1851, Amt Delsberg, Canton Jura, Switzerland Died: April 29, 1933, Pandora Buried: St. John Mennonite Cemetery

Jacob’s father: Rev. Johannes Sommer (1818-1899) Jacob’s mother: Magdalena Amstutz (1815-1871)

Marianna Amstutz - Jacob's first wife Born: July 9, 1857, Richland Township Died: Dec. 16, 1889, Riley Township Buried: St. John Mennonite Cemetery

Marianna’s father: Abraham B. Amstutz (1825-1903) Marianna’s mother: Anna Bucher (1833-1858)

Children of Jacob and Marianna Amstutz Sommer

Noah Sommer Born: March 13, 1877, Pandora Died: Feb. 12, 1961, McComb, Ohio

John A. Sommer Born: July 28, 1878, Pandora Died: March 7, 1938, Pandora Spouse: Mary Hilty

Martha Sommer Born: March 15, 1881, Pandora Died: Sept. 20, 1974, Riley Township Spouse: Edward Hilty

Philip Sommer Born: March 30, 1883, Pandora Died: Feb. 25, 1937, Riley Township Spouse: Viola Hilty

Leo Sommer Born: May 2, 1855, Riley Township Died Dec. 1, 1933, Scranton, Iowa Spouse: Lela Beason

Alvan J. Sommers Born: May 24, 1887, Riley Township Died July 12, 1957, Orrville, Ohio Spouse: Susan P. Moser ---------- Lydia Amstutz - Jacob's second wife Born: Aug. 19, 1863, Richland Township Died: June 24, 1926, Pandora Buried: St. John Mennonite Cemetery

Lydia’s father: John C. Amstutz “Korbeli Stutz” (1825-1895) Lydia’s mother: Anna C. Kaufman (1842-1916)

Children of Jacob and Lydia Amstutz Sommer

Edwin Sommers Born: Oct. 19, 1891, Riley Township Died: Dec. 11, 1935, Toledo, Ohio Spouse: Louella Hilty

Walter M. Sommer Born: Jan. 28, 1896, Pandora Died: July 27, 1970, Bluffton Spouse: Cora M. Gratz

Ezra Sommers Born: March 6, 1901: Pandora Died: April 26, 1978, Lafayette, Wisconsin Spouse: Kathryn Mahoney


Marianna Sommer Born: Jan. 1, 1855, Mont Courtatel Delsberg, Bern, Switzerland Died: April 22, 1942, Bluffton Buried: Ebenezer Mennonite Cemetery

Marianna’s husband: Benedicht Leichty Born: July 7, 1848 Tscheiwo Aw. Munster, Bern, Switzerland Died: April 19, 1941, Bluffton Buried: Ebenezer Mennonite Cemetery

Benedicht’s father: Christian Liechty Benedicht’s mother: Anna Luginbuhl

Children of Marianna Sommer and Benedicht Leichty

Paulina Leichty Born: Jan. 29, 1875, Canton Bern, Switzerland Died: Jun 25, 1969, Decatur, Indiana Spouse: Emil Liechty

Jakob Arnold Leichty Born: March 30, 1876, Canton Bern, Switzerland Died: May 22, 1898

Carolina Leichty Born: June 7, 1977, Canton Bern, Switzerland Died: March 10, 1971, Lima, Ohio Spouse: Marshall A. Parker

Emmanuel Leichty Born: July 15, 1881, Pleasant Township, Putnam County Died: June 8, 1953, Mt. Blanchard, Ohio Spouse: Marianna Amstutz

Martha Leichty Born: May 22, 1885, Orange Township, Hancock County, Ohio Died: Dec. 10, 1903

Katherine Leichty Born: July 9, 1889 Died: Jan. 19, 1964 Spouse: Andrew Sprunger

Noah Albert Leichty Born: June 21, 1890 Died: Jan. 12 1979, Versailles, Ohio Spouse: Mildred Miller Spouse: Jessie Evick

Lena L. Leichty Born: July 26, 1892, Bluffton Died: Feb. 12, 1873, Lima, Ohio Spouse: Peter V. Schiffler

Christiana “Tina” Leichty (adopted) Born: July 26, 1892, Allen County Died: June 25, 1986 Spouse: Lloyd Addison Basinger


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