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What's your recollection of Bluffton nicknames?

Tom Bell provides his "Fab Fourteen" nickname challenge

Contributed by Tom Bell

The 1950s and 1960s could be the Golden Age of Nicknames in Bluffton.

Tom calls this project the "Fab Fourteen." Not included are nicknames that are merely the modification of someone's name, as in the example of Richard "Smitty the Barber" Smith or Ron "Buckeye Benny" Benroth. Also, not included are nicknames that might not compliment the carrier's legacy.

Let’s test your knowledge of Bluffton nicknames. Any disputes may be emailed to Tom at As a reference point for anyone under the age of 55 you may read Tom’s column on the origin of street painting by clicking here.


1. Gilbert Fett

2. Jim Berry

3. Gerald Swank

4. Richard Lewis

5. Jim Clark

6. Dewey Forman

7. Monroe Amstutz

8. Robert Young

9. Carl Triplehorn

10. Lazarus Basinger

11. Lysle Suter

12. Maurice Criblez

13. Jim Motter

14. Millard Herr


1. Sparky

2. Spike

3. Tuffy

4. Dutch

5. Cappy

6. Doc

7. Chev

8. Pee Wee

9. Curly

10. Santa Claus

11. Peanut

12. Doc

13. Duke

14. Ben

How did you do?



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