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Who owned Bluffton's first electric vehicle?

You would believe the owner was Nancy Habegger in 1919?

Question: who owned the first electric automobile in Bluffton?
The answer may surprise you, because the car was owned by a Bluffton woman over 100 years ago.

Here’s an Aug. 10, 1919, snapshot of Nancy Habegger, in that car. The second photo shows Nancy Habegger, John Habegger and Susan Habegger standing in front of a horse and buggy.

We can’t determine any specific model name or year of this early Bluffton vehicle. But, after a little internet search we discovered The Detroit Electric vehicle, built in 1919 by the Anderson Electric Car Co., which give viewers an idea of an electric vehicle a century ago.

The company build 13,000 electric cars from 1907 to 1939. Below is an advertisement for the vehicle plus addition restored model photos.

Nancy Habegger in her electric car, photo taken 1919.

Nancy, John and Susan Habegger.

1919 Detroit Electric newspaper advertisement

1912 model of The Detroit Electric

1919 model of The Detroit Electric



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