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105 years ago this week in Bluffton

Professor H.W. Berky will speak on the use of gas in the war

For viewers curious about Bluffton activities taking place 105 years ago this week, here’s some snippets from the March 13, 1919, Bluffton News. Perhaps a great-great-grandparent’s story may jump out at you.

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Edwin Stauffer, who saw service in France’s front line trenches for eight months, will be the speaker at the monthly meeting of the Community Association.


Prof. H.W. Berky, who was stationed in a laboratory, will speak on the use of gas in the war.


Rene Klay, only 17 and Bluffton’s youngest soldier to serve overseas arrived home Monday. Twice wounded in the battle of the Argonne, he is still under care of military physicians.


A wagon load with coat passed over both ankles of Carl Russell, 13, son of Mr. and Mrs.  W. A. Russell Monday morning. No bones were broken but his suffered severe bruises.


Charles Hankish has purchased the Bentley property at the corner of Main and High street occupied by Harry Fisher.

Mrs. George Stearns, son Ralph and daughters Irma and Mamie spent last Wednesday in Findlay with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stearns.


Walter Amstutz who conducts a bakery at Grover Hill, has rented the Ed Jones room and expects to open a bakery here the first of next month. The Amstutz family will move here soon.


The local Rainbow Encampment will confer work in the Royal Purple degree Thursday evening at their hall (Note: third floor of the town hall.)


The Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) will meet Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Lee Wingate on Mound Street.  Mrs. H.C. Brown will be leader.


A high school basketball tournament was held in the college gym last week with Lafayette defeating Lima for the championship. Others entered were Bluffton, Pandora, Ada, Gomer, Leipsic, McClure, West Liberty, Findlay and Quincy. Augsburger of Bluffton was named to the all tournament team. (Note: no first name given.)


The township schools had 92 percent attendance last month with the 97 per cent at Huber school the tops.




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