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Roller skate at your own risk on Grove St.

And other important news items from 95 years ago this week in Bluffton

• Warning to children roller skating on Grove Street • 77 overnight lodgers accommodated the city jail in February • Results of this week’s Bluffton Rifle Club shoot showed a tie

For viewers curious about activities in Bluffton 95 years ago this week, here’s some snippets from the March 7, 1929, Bluffton News.


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Children roller skating on Grove Street will do so at their own risk and town officials will not be responsible for possible accidents that may occur.

Note: Grove Street was paved in the fall, making it a magnet to a roller skating craze; other skating options were largely brick streets or streets needing paved.


Seventy seven overnight lodgers were accommodated in the city jail during February, town marshal Gid Luginbuhl has announced.

Note: That's nearly 3 lodgers per night in the Bluffton jail, located on the main floor of the town hall. These people were traveling – hitch-hiking – the Dixie Highway, which was Main Street.

P.B. Amstutz, veteran handle and wooden fork manufacturer of the Settlement, recently made an inspection of the new plant of the Bluffton Manufacturing Company in Findlay and say that the group is well organized.

Note: Bluffton Manufacturing was originally housed in the three-story light brick building today housing Book ReViews and storage for Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn. It had recently moved its operation to Findlay because it needed more space. It manufactured Woman's Friend washing machines.


Weekly shoot of the Bluffton Rifle Club resulted in a tie of Leslie Kimmel and Clarence Stonehill Monday night. Each had a score of 186.


J.R. Hilty and family will move this week from the Zehrbach farm south of town on the Dixie, known as the old Fett farm, to the William Mohler place nearby, which he had rented for the coming year.


Alfred Hirschler of Bluffton was valedictorian of a class of 44 Allen County youths completing the Progressive Christian Endeavor course in Lima. He had a grade of 98.5 on the final exam.


Clair Huber, former Bluffton College student, and well known in this vicinity, has opened a furniture store in Findlay. He also has stores in Kenton and Crestline.


G.W. Combs purchased the first of the week the brick resident property on South Main Street belonging to the. Bluffton Manufacturing Company and located south of the company’s main building. Mr. Combs will remodel the structure, converting it to serve for his retail business and also as a funeral chapel.

Note: This brick house exists today, as a rental apartment, directly north of Chase bank.



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