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99 Bluffton HS senior class plays ago

A cast with lots of familiar last names...

Geiger, Steiner, Yoakam, Niswander and others

It's the 1923-24 school year.

• Calvin Coolidge is president. • the number one hit movie is Sherlock Jr., staring Buster Keaton. • the Washington Senators will win the World Series in 1924 … • ...and the Bluffton High School senior class will present “Undercover.”

Meet the cast:

Front row from left: Wava Patrick, Margaret Kimmel, Leslie Geiger and Evelyn Niswander.

Standing from left: Robert Pogue, _____ Battles, Leslie Mason (is that a cigarette between his fingers - what is this world coming to?), Clarence Moore, _____ Bird, Lillian Rohrbach, Elbert Kibele, Mable Geiger, Kathryn Spotts, Richard Maus, Cleora Yoakam, Robert Wise, _____ Steiner.

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