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Amstutz, Winkler, Welty, Roethlisberger families 1914

John Ulrich Amstutz was an early

Bluffton-Pandora Swiss entrepreneur

Members of the John Ulrich and Katharina J. (Amstutz) Amstutz family, photo taken in April 19, 1914.

Front row from left, Amanda Welty, Susie Welty, Rosa Welty Rash, Harvey Winkler, Selma Roethlisberger Reichenbach and Lona Welty Bauman.

Second row from left, Solomon Welty, Barbara Amstutz Welty, John U. Amstutz, Elizabeth J. Moser Luginbuhl Amstutz (John's second wife) , John Winkler, Marion Amstutz Roethlisberger and Carl Roethlisberger.

Third row from left, Ella Roethlisberger Diller, Ida Winkler, Lona Winkler Hoffer, Metta Welty Probst, Mary Welty Reist, Lydia Winkler, Bertha Welty, Mary Niswander Winkler, Albert Winkler (holding a child).

Top row from left, Hiram Welty, Aldine Roethlisberger, Sam Amstutz (brother of John U.) and Wilbert Winkler.

Katharina (Amstutz) Amstutz, first wife of John Ulrich, died in 1884, The couple had five children. John Ulrich later married Elizabeth Moser Luginbuhl, (in this photo) and the couple had no children.

John U. Amstutz was an early Bluffton-Pandora Swiss entrepreneur. Click here for his story.

Click here for the family genealogies of John U. and Katharina Amstutz.


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