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Can you imagine college students constructing this building?

The barn was the first Bluffton College gymnasium - built by students in 1916.

Few Bluffton residents today realize that the first Bluffton College gymnasium was constructed by college students.

Can you guess why the building was called “the barn.”

Even fewer can state that they were once inside this building. It came down in 1950.

This 1916 photo shows construction underway. The basketball playing floor was 36 by 72 feet. The building stood southeast of the present science center and faced north and south.

In 1950 Founders Hall replaced the building.

The aerial photo, taken in 1949, shows Founders Hall under construction and “the barn” still in existence. Another building to note is the college heating plant (check out the smoke stack) located next to the barn.

AERIAL PHOTO - The barn is the long white building the right side of the photo. Directly north of it is Founders Hall under construction. The heating plant is directly south of the barn. More photos below.

The barn under construction by college students in 1916.

The college heating plant.


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