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John and Barbara Steiner Schumacher

Note: This is our first Swiss Connection feature after a several-month absence. This is the 47th feature in this series of Bluffton-Pandora Swiss families. CLICK HERE FOR AN INDEX TO FAMILIES LISTED. We invite viewers who have family genealogies not part of this collection to contact us.Reach out to us at: We also recognized that errors slip into these columns. We'd appreciate hearing from viewers who have corrections to make on specific columns.

About Our Swiss Connection During his retirement years, Bluffton Swiss genealogist, the late Herb Probst, created a genealogical overview of the early Swiss settlers in the Bluffton and Pandora communities, which he shared during his lifetime with several area families, who he researched.

Probst’s grandfather, Josef Probst, came from Germany in 1880 and married Elizabeth Suter of this community. On his mother’s side, her father was Solomon Welty and her mother was Barbara Amstutz.

John Schumacher was born June 29, 1816, in St. Albanthal Canton Basel. We do not have Barbara Steiner Schumacher’s date of birth except that it was in Alsace. The couple was married in America in 1838, two years after the Schumacher family settled in the Bluffton-Pandora Settlement. Unlike other columns, the details on the children of John and Barbara is limited.

Father: Christian Schumacher, Sr.

Born: Oct. 7, 1782

Died: Nov. 6, 1858

Mother: Barbara Elizabeth Luginbuhl

Born: March 11, 1781

Died: Oct. 19, 1855

John and Barbara Steiner Schumacher’s 13 children:


Born: 1839

Died: 1911

Spouse: John Althaus


Born: 1841

Died: 1928

Spouse: Nancy Lehman


Born: 1843

Died: 1930

Spouse: Ulrich Steiner


Born: 1844

Died: 1920

Spouse: Adam Diller


Born: 1846

Died: 1922

Spouse: Daniel Stauffer


Born: 1848

Died: 1881

Spouse: John G. Diller


Born: 1850

Died: 1932

Spouse: Christian Althaus


Born: 1852

Died: 1925

Spouse: Dinah Oberly


Born: 1856

Died: 1932

Spouse: Wesley Brillhart


Born: 1861

Died: 1955

Spouse: Alfred Zweiacker

John J.

Born: 1866

Died: 1943

Spouse: Mary Ann Liechty


No other information

except that she died as a single woman


No other information

except she died as a single woman

The information on John and Barbara is from a small pamphlet titled “The Schumachers: The descendants of Christian and Barbara Elizabeth Luginbuhl Schumacher.”


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