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Meet the Bluffton Travel Class

Many familiar last names including Triplett, Hauenstein, Diller, Basinger, Hirscher, Baumgartner and others

The Travel Class was one of the longest-existing women’s clubs in Bluffton. Looking over the list of members, one could surmise that this club was perhaps the most exclusive, certainly in 1941.


Among its members were spouses of Bluffton business men, Bluffton College administrators and two of Bluffton industries.


Members of the Bluffton Travel Class in 1941 are:


Front from left, Mrs. Ezra Moser, Miss Katherine Moyer, Mrs. Sidney Hauenstein, Mrs. C.A. Biery, Mrs. Leland Diller and Mrs. Edith Mann.


Middle row from left, Mrs. H.B. Adams. Mrs. Waldo Diller, Mrs. Evan Basinger, Mrs. N.W. Cunningham, Mrs. N.E. Byers, Mrs. R.B. Day.


Back row from left, Mrs. Albert Baumgartner, Mrs. E.J. Hirschler, Mrs. R.L. Triplett, Miss Zanna Staater, Mrs. C. Henry Smith, Mrs. Armin Hauenstein, Miss Naomi Brenneman, Mrs. B.F. Biery, Mrs. S.K. Mosiman Mrs. Edgar Hauenstein.



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