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Nightfall in Bluffton 3:08 p.m., 4/08/24

As expected, nightfall in Bluffton, Ohio, came early on Monday, April 8, 2024.

– Photo by Fred Steiner

But, who expected this?

For nearly 200 seconds, our world seemed frozen in time, hoping it might never thaw.

Residents of our small village experienced something to remain in the community memory well beyond the generation witnessing it.

A total solar eclipse – make that "our total solar eclipse." As the seconds ticked by, street lights flickered on, stars appeared overhead, birds settled in for a nap, the temperature dipped slightly, and conversations halted.

An awe inspiring gasp was felt across our own village galaxy, and suddenly the sound of people cheering. Many people cheering.

No, we weren't invaded by eclipse-seekers, as some predicted. Instead, the event played out as an impromptu town homecoming. Bluffton welcomed those from across the country flocking home to share the experience with their families.

What a nightfall to remember.



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