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Peter and Barbara Schumacher Steiner

Peter Steiner came to America with his parents Christian and Katharina Luginbuhl Steiner in 1835. Click here for a previous column in this series featuring his brother and sister-in-law, John F. and Barbara Habegger Steiner.

Prior to coming to America, Peter had married Barbara Schumacher who was from Basel, Switzerland. Barbara’s parents were Christian and Barbara Elizabeth Luginbuhl Schumacher.

Peter and Barbara had 10 children and each was born in Richland Township.

Peter Steiner Born: Oct. 21, 1810, La Charme Cme Florimont France Died: Aug. 21, 1870 Buried: Old Mennonite Cemetery, Bluffton

Peter’s father: Rev. Christian Steiner (1774-1846) Peter’s mother: Katharina Luginbuhl (1781-1848) This couple was married on Feb. 24, 1835, in La Charme Cme Florimont, France

Barbara Schumacher Born: March 24, 1811, Basel, Switzerland Died: April 5, 1889 Buried: Old Mennonite Cemetery, Bluffton

Barbara’s father: Christian Schumacher, Sr., (1782-1858) Barbara’s mother: Barbara Elizabeth Luginbuhl (1781-1855)

Peter and Barbara’s children

Catherine Steiner Born: June 1, 1836 Died June 27, 1895 Spouse: Christian Gratz The couple had 15 children

Christian Steiner, Sr. Born: Jan. 25, 1838 Died: March 22, 1921 Spouse: Magdalena Luginbuhl The couple had 11 children

Barbara Steiner Born: Nov. 20, 1839 Died: April 12, 1908 Spouse: Peter D. Diller The couple had 13 children

Mary Ann Steiner Born: Nov. 30, 1840 Died: Aug. 19, 1888 Spouse: Christian Hilty The couple had 11 children

Elizabeth Steiner Born: Oct. 8, 1842 Died: Aug. 6, 1917 Spouse: David C. Luginbuhl The couple had 8 children

David C. Steiner Born: June 13, 1844 Died: January 1864

Peter P. Steiner Born: Dec. 28, 1845 Died: Dec. 17, 1933 The couple had 4 children

Magdalena Steiner Born: March 18, 1847 Died September 1867

Benjamin Steiner Born: June 26, 1849 Died: June 23, 1895 Spouse: Christine Stauffer The couple had no children Spouse: Barbara Moser The couple had 1 child

Verena Steiner Born: March 20, 1851 Died: Feb. 21, 1883

Susanna Steiner Born: May 12, 1853 Shannon (Bluffton) Died: Sept. 11, 1887 Spouse: Benjamin B. Hilty The couple had 12 children


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