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What flew over Bluffton in June 1955?

It rattled residents enough to call the

State Highway Patrol demanding answers

Attention UFO buffs: On June 2, 1955, a low-flying aircraft trailing behind it a mysterious yellow object frightened Bluffton residents. It was the era of Roswell and the Red Scare. What was flying over Bluffton?

This story made the front page of the Bluffton News with the following headline:

Mysterious plane

Checks magnetism

Of earth in area


A low-flying aircraft trailing behind it a mysterious yellow object, and traversing over Bluffton repeatedly Tuesday was an instrument plane of the U.S. Geological Survey, the State High Say Patrol has reported.


Receiving numerous phone calls regarding the antics of the mysterious plan, the Highway Patrol checked into the matter and learned that the plane is measuring the earth’s magnetism in this area.


The Lima office of the patrol said that it was devised that the object trailing the plan is the instrument used in recording the strength of the earth’s magnetism.

June 2, 1955, Bluffton News story



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