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John Steiner - Elizabeth Stauffer Steiner - Anna Burkhalter Steiner

Note: This series contains several persons with the same name, particularly in the Steiner columns. There are at least three Steiner's with the first name of Christian, Hans, Peter and Barbara. And, linked to this story is one of three John Bösiger's and Anna Burkhalter's. Whenever possible, we provide appropriate links.

John (Johann) Steiner was a friend of John Bösiger (1792-1865). Both escaped from Napoleon’s Army. And, both, at different times, eventually moved to the rural Bluffton community.

During army training in 1815 the two young men deserted twice, but were caught both times. The third time they escaped to Switzerland. From there John and Elizabeth Stauffer (who were married in 1814) emigrated to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

In 1822 John and Elizabeth moved to Wayne County, Ohio. Later they moved to rural Bluffton, when in 1834, the couple purchased 240 acres at $1.25 per acre on what is today Columbus Grove Road.

John Steiner was born in Belfort, France, on Jan. 23, 1792, to Christian and Marie Bösiger Steiner.

John’s sister, Mary Marie, married John Stauffer and later Christian Stauffer and lived in Adams County, Indiana, in the Berne community.

Another brother, Ulrich, was married to Barbara Steiner. This couple came to America, but we are unable to find where they eventually located.

John and Elizabeth Marie Stauffer were married on Nov. 8, 1814, in Florimont, France. They arrived in Putnam County in 1836 with eight children. Three other children were born here, but we are unable to find additional information about them.

John’s first wife, Elizabeth Marie, died Aug. 10, 1847, four years after their youngest child was born. Elizabeth was 54 years old at her death and she is buried in the Old Swiss Mennonite Cemetery.

On Dec. 17, 1848, John married Anna Burkhalter, daughter of Peter and Anna Gyger Burkholder. From this marriage seven children were born, each in Richland Township.

John died at age 73, on March 6, 1865, of typhoid fever. He is buried in the Old Swiss Mennonite Cemetery.

Anna also died of typhoid fever, three days before John’s death, on March 3, 1865. She was 41 years old at the time of her death.

John (Johann) and Elizabeth Stauffer

John’s father: Christian Steiner (1756-1814)

John’s mother: Marie Bosiger (1772-1826)

Elizabeth’s father: David Stauffer (1769-1853)

Elizabeth’s mother: Barbara Steiner (1772-1798)

John and Elizabeth’s children

Rev. Christian Steiner

Born: March 31, 1816, Florimont Alsace Loraine, France

Died: Dec. 16, 1853, Richland Township

Spouse: Barbara Hilty

The couple had 9 children

John “Hans” E. Steiner

Born: Feb. 4, 1818, Florimont Alsace Loraine, France

Died: March 12, 1853

Spouse: Catherine Hilty

The couple had 5 children

Peter Steiner

Born: Sept. 19, 1819, Florimont Alsace Loraine, France

Died: April 27, 1821

Ulrich Steiner

Born: April 15, 1821, Florimont Alsace Loraine, France

Died: Sept. 1, 1821

David Steiner

Born: April 5, 1823, Florimont Alsace Loraine, France

Died: Feb. 12, 1853

Born: June 28, 1826, Wayne County, Ohio

Died: April 4, 1899

Spouse: Katharine Hubscher

She died of black typhoid fever three months after they were married

Spouse: Mary Ann Kohler Hochstetler

She was a widow with an 8-month daughter when she and Abraham married

Abraham and Mary Ann had 11 children

Maria Steiner

Born: March 6, 1828, Wayne County, Ohio

Died: April 27, 1899

Spouse: Isaak Neuenschwander

The couple had 10 children

Rev. Isaac Steiner

Born: March 6, 1830

Died: Sept. 28, 1893

Spouse: Nancy Ann Thut

The couple had 1 child; Nancy died at age 21

Spouse: Mary P. Rothen

Jacob Steiner

Born: Jan. 7, 1833

Died: April 7, 1861

Samuel Steiner

Born: June 1, 1835

Died: Jan. 8, 1927

Elias Steiner

Born: Dec. 15, 1839

Death: Date not known

Gideon Steiner

Born: May 14, 1841

Death: Date not known

Child (name not known) Steiner

Born: Jan. 25, 1843

Died: Jan. 25, 1843

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Anna’s birthdate: Dec. 23, 1823, Near Sornetan, Switzerland

Anna’s death: March 3, 1865, Richland Township

Anna’s father: Peter Burkhalter (1795-1848)

Anna’s mother: Anna Gyger (1792-1835)

John and Anna’s children

Elizabeth Steiner

Born: Nov. 1, 1849, Richland Township

Died: Oct. 15, 1919

Spouse: Tobias Steiner

The couple had 10 children

Daniel Steiner

Born: June 12, 1851, Richland Township

Died: Jan. 15, 1857

Anna Steiner

Born: Sept. 30, 1853, Richland Township

Died: July 6, 1920

Spouse: John C. Bucher

The couple had 9 children

Barbara Steiner

Born: March 15, 1855, Richland Township

Died; Oct. 23, 1932

Spouse: Rev. Benjamin Diller

The couple had 12 children

Ulrich S. Steiner

Born: Sept. 19, 1856, Richland Township

Died: Sept. 30, 1945, Findlay, Ohio

Spouse: Susan Schumacher

The couple had 7 children

Magdalena Steiner

Born: Nov. 2, 1859, Richland Township

Died: Jan. 18, 1910

Spouse: David Daniel Diller

The couple had 6 children

Daniel J. Steiner

Born: Jan. 28, 1865

Died: Feb. 10, 1960

Daniel moved to Silverton, Oregon. It is not known if he married.


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